Main features:
  • Suitable for manufacturing various types of concrete,
  • Mobile – easily loaded into a truck or a container,
  • Compact – taking up very little space,
  • Installation process lasts only a day,
  • Low price,
  • Small investments in foundation preparation,
  • Semiautomatic and automatic.
Optional features:
  • Additive dispenser,
  • Colour dispenser (liquid or powdered colours),
  • Moisture sensors,
  • Printed reports on each indvidiual mix,
  • Tech support connection with Metalika via modem.
Technical characteristics
Capacity 30/60m3/h
Geometrical volume of the mixer 1000/1500 l
Working volume of the mixer 0.5/1 m3
Aggregate scale Yes
Cement scale 300/600 kg
Water scale Optional
Impulse water meter Yes
Number of aggregates 3-4
Volume per aggregate basket 10/20 m3
Drop height 1.4-4 m
Automated work Yes
Installed power (three-phase) 55/80 kW

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