C-1200 makes concrete pipes with the diameter of 300-1200 mm by vibrating the mold core. The main part of the machine is placed in a concrete shaft made according to the manufacturer’s design. The smaller part for shaping the upper part of the pipe of electric and hydraulic command is located above the shaft. In the start position the pipe tool is located in the shaft. Tool transportation with simultaneous vibration is done with a classic cart or concrete belt conveyer.

When the tool is filled to the top, the vibrators are shut off, excessive material is stripped and the shaper of the upper part of the pipe is turned on – it can be hydraulic or manual. Upon shaping completion, the shaper is cast to the side.

For the production of pipes up to fi 600, you will need 2 employees, and over fi 600 you will need 3 empoyees

Technical characteristics:
Total shaft length [mm] 4100
Total shaft depth [mm] 2150
Total shaft width [mm] 3470
Total height above the shaft [mm] 1660
Machine weight [kg] 2200
Installed power [kW] 18
Manufacture capacity of the machine [pipe piecces/8h]
pipe Ø300 60
pipe Ø400 57
pipe Ø500 55
pipe Ø600 51
pipe Ø1000 40
Pipe diameter [mm] Ø200 ÷ Ø1200
Maximum pipe length [mm] 1000
Operating electric
Main machine parts:
  • the base of the main hydraulic cylinder
  • hydraulic cylinder with core bearer
  • outerline with vibrators
  • support bar with pannel
  • shaper with the console.

The shaped pipe is placed from the outer shell (that remains in the shaft) on the floor height with core and ring – placing. The fresh pipe is then picked up with the ring in the transport trolley, and the core is placed back in the shaft, so the pipe is released to be transported to dry off.

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