C-600 is a machine for manufacturing plain concrete pipes using a rotary head. The machine consists of a main and working part with a power group and a system for lifting the rotary head, outer tool, rotary head and supporting rings for shaping the lower part of the pipe.

Working principle: oiled outer tool with ring is placed on the machine base and the rotary head is lowered on the bottom of the mold. The tool filling is done from above, manually or by a conveyer belt. Rotating the head with paddles the concrete is pressed below the head simultaneously pressing the head upwards, leaving the opening for the pipe diameter. The upper part of the pipe is shaped with a special tool. The shaped pipe is transported with the tool and ring to dry off, where the outer tool is opened and taken off the pipe. In the meantime, another tool is placed to repeat the same operation. For every pipe diameter it is necessary to have one outer tool and one rotary head, and the number of ring-placings is dictated by the numbers of pressed ppes. Oil and paddles are expendable.

Technical characteristics:
Total machine length [mm] 2700
Total machine height [mm] 3500
Total machine width [mm] 200
Machine mass [kg] 3500
Installed power of the operating electroengine [kW] 11
Installed power of the hydroaggregate electroengine [kW] 1.5
Manufacturing capacity of the machine max 20 pipes/hour
Pipe diameter [mm] Ø300 ÷ Ø800
Pipe length [mm] 1000 mm
Operating electric
Pipe Ø300 2 manganese paddles
Pipe Ø400 2 manganese paddles
Pipe Ø500 2 manganese paddles
Pipe Ø600 2 manganese paddles
Pipe Ø800 2 manganese paddles

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