CM-1500 is made for mixing and transporting of small amount of liquid concrete. It can work as an independent unit, to be built into a truck with the weight volume of 3.5 tons or dragged as a side-car.

It is powered by a reliable HONDA GX-390 gasoline aggregate. Mixer filling can be done via conveyer belt, loader, drum or directly through a concrete base.

Emptying the mixer is simple- through built-in hydraulics – changing the turn direction and slant of the mixer.

Mixer CM-1500 is suitable for concrete making on the construction site and transporting concrete to unreachable areas of town.

Technical characteristics:
Mixer volume 1 m3
Drum slant 18
Dimensions (HxWxL) 1770 x 1200 x 3600 mm
Weight 960 kg
Engine Honda GX-390 (or diesel Lombardini per demand)
Water cooling 4 tacts, 13KS, 389cm3, manual start
Alternatively Can be connected to power drive from another machine
Wheels and mineral optional

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