Contimix 40

Purpose of this plant is to produce high quality and high output of concrete by continuous mixing of stone aggregates, cement, water and additives in desired ratio. Main parts are hoppers for aggregate, mixer and cement portioning unit. Concrete is discharged directly from mixer to belt conveyor or transport hopper. Continuous portioning of aggregate and cement is performed by means of regulating rounds per minute of conveyors. Continuous portioning of water and additives is performed by means of regulating pressure and flow. Cement portioning unit consists of screw conveyor with hopper and rotary valve mounted above mixer. Cement supply is from bags, from hopper with capacity of 500kg.

Plant is mounted in rigid frame suitable for quick loading and unloading from truck.

Technical characteristics:
Production capacity 40m3/h
Aggregate hopper volume 2×3,5 = 7 m3
Mixer volume 700 l
Total power 24 kW
Dimensions LxWxH 18,2x2x4,2
Transport height 2,2 m
Clearance from ground to mixer 1,2 m
Weight 5250 kg

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