IS-16 is an automatic line for rebar straightening with the principle of cutting shells. Besides straightening, the machine cleans the rebar from dirt.

The line is consisted of a wheel for adding rebar disks, straightening machine and a table for straightened rebar in sections – sections are chosen by the buyer.

Proces description

When the rebar is placed on the wheel, one end is inserted manually to the first cylinder that drags the rebar to the knife. The machine is set to the desired rebar profile, and the length and number of pieces are set on the keyboard – the settings are shown on the screen.

Machine is built in several sizes – 12, 14 and 16 cm.

The line weighs 1500 kg.

We build straightening machines that straighten and cut rebar up to fi 14 and fi 16.

Technical characteristics:
Total length od the machine, without the table 2.4m
Total height of the machine 1.7m
Total width of the machine 1.3m
Machine weight without the reel and table 1400kg
Installed power 11kW
Diameter of unfinned steel fi:6 – fi:16
Diameter of finned steel fi:6 – fi:12
Working speed 30 m/min
Drive hydraulic
Operating electronic
Cooling water

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