M-375 is a mobile construction mixer.

Concrete mixer of this type belongs to the group of free-fall mixer with a horizontal axis of the drum revolving around it. The drum revolves in one direction. Aggregate and cement dispensing is done on one side, and emptying of finished concrete on the other side using a tilted funnel placed in the emptying position.

Power transfer from diesel (electric) engine to the mixer drum is achieved with hydrostatic transfer.

Hydraulic installation is set to only fill the mixer if the drum is turning.

Mixer’s drum is made of high quality steel sheet which ensures long work without wearing out. Adjusted form and placement of the paddles inside the drum ensure high quality concrete making, which is why this mixer is top of the class.

Micer contains undertrain with tyres so it can easily be transported by dragging. Dragging speed is 8 km/h.

Technical characteristics:
Type: M-375 D (diesel drive) Type: M-375 E (electric drive)
Dimensions of the mixer:
Length: 2880 mm Length: 2880 mm
Height: 2650 mm Height: 2650 mm
Width: 2250 mm Width: 2250 mm
Wheel distance: 1400 mm Wheel distance: 1400 mm
Load volume 375 l Load volume 375 l
Hour capacity 8 m³/h Hour capacity 8 m³/h
Filling drum with basket Filling drum with basket
Mixer volume 1500 kg Mixer volume 1500 kg
Cooling: air Cooling: air
Mixer drum power: hydrostatic Mixer drum power: hydrostatic
Discharge through tilted funnel Discharge through tilted funnel
Mixer drive:
Diesel engine characteristics: Electric engine characteristics:
Engine type: 3LD 450 Engine type: ZK 132s
Working volume: 454 cm³ Engine powe: 5.5 kw
Number of turns: 2800 o/min Voltage: 400 V
Manufacturer: DMB-Rakovica Number of turns: 1500 t/min
Engine power: 7 kw Electric current: 12 A
Engine volume: 57 kg Shape: B3

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