New generation product, COMPACT CONCRETE BASE MBT-500V and MBT-750V contains a mixer of a vertical base with paddles, turbine type and aggregate baskets.
Manganese paddles in the mixer are changeable and adjustable to secure constant quality of mixed concrete. Cement and aggregate scale is located above the mixer. Through measure cells it is connected to PLC which controls concrete making. Water is dispensed through impulse water meter (stable water pressure in installation is required). Aggregate transport from the basket to the mixer is done through belt conveyor. All functions are automatic and require just one operator. MBT-750V and MBT-500V can be transported with a cement screw conveyor. MBT type factories are constructed and built according to all safety instructions.

Technical characteristics:
Capacity 8 m3/h
Geometrical volume of the mixer 500 l
Working volume of the mixer 0.25 m3
Aggregate scale Yes, above mixers
Cement scale Yes, above mixers
Water scale No
Impulse water meter Yes
Number of aggregates 1-4
Volume per aggregate basket 2.5-5 m3
Drop height 1.4 m
Automated work Da
Installed power (three-phase) 15-20 kW

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