Metalika proudly presents new, successfully developed product! Completely automatised robotic production line for production of wet cast concrete products. 

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Solutions developed by the company METALIKA enable regular productions at high speed and with steady quality, as well as, fast return on investment and modularity.

METALIKA develops and offers full range of WET CAST CONCRETE production lines:

– Carousel production for concrete products with maximum dimensions of 500x500m. Usually suitable for production of concrete paving blocks, concrete wall tiles, concrete kerbstones, concrete fence panels/fencing walls and other smaller concrete products.

– Linear production for concrete products with maximum dimensions of 1000x2000mm. Usually suitable for production of large concrete products such as: decorative wall panels,  concrete paving slabs, bathroom elements, concrete countertops, concrete tables and other concrete products.

Robotic production lines for special concrete products such as: concrete elements for construction industry, concrete elements for other industrial needs and concrete pavers with high output.

All these production lines guarantee constant quality, high yields and optimum safety for operator and allow the production of various types of items on the same line.

Production process can be automated or semi-automated and our solutions support all stages of production process:

  • preparation of concrete (concrete mixing plants and mixers)
  • transport of concrete
  • mould filling station- concrete portioning unit, with automated weight control
  • stacking/de-stacking of moulds and concrete products by crane or cubing robot
  • transport conveyors to and from curing room
  • rack and rail system in curing room
  • mould release position, de-moulding
  • cleaning and mould oiling station
  • automated weight and optical quality control

Our production lines are designed to follow the development of companies, from the simplest to the most automated with very few manual workstations.

A new project in ALGIERS with our supervision for the buyer

Block making factory in Algiers, automatic block making line VPS-5000 LX GTA with finger car system, with the capacity of 12500 blocks per shift

  • First phase: preparing the field for the buyer and the hall foundation for a complete factory for making concrete products
  • Machines made in our factory are shipped in a container to the port and on the boat
  • Our field team is assembling the hall and finishing the first phase of the project.
  • Machines have arrived at their destination and the project is ready for second phase.

Second shipment

Machine is assembled in Algiers along with the line ready to be placed to work

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