SV-16 is a rebar bending machine and stirrup production. Degrees are determined through metal pins – three separate degrees can be places on the left, or the right side.

For stirrup bending one places a special addition with borders. Besides the basic SV-16, SV-22 and SV-25 are alsto manufactured. SV-25 contains a hydraulic knife for cutting.

Technical characteristics:
Bender is made for bending armature from Ø5 do Ø16 mm
Length [mm] 840
Height [mm] 980
Width [mm] 840
Weight [kg] 320
Bending speed [o/min] 9
Drive hydraulic
Operating electronic
Installed power [kW] 1.7
Voltage [V] 3 x 400
Bending degree 350° in two directions
  • Ruler with borders for stirrups
  • Shells and pegs for profiles from 6-16 mm
  • Bending concrete steel under a certain degree and bending stirrups

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