SVP-533 is a self-propelled, hidraulic universal vibro machine for manufacture of construction elements. The machine shapes elements on a concrete board, or shapes elements sized 6-33cm when the vibro boarad is added – under the hidraulic pressure and vibrations acting above and beneath the mold.

The machine is operated through electric and hidraulic commands. Concrete is transported in a classic construction cart, and mold is lifted through a hidraulic command. The machine is moved in all directions via hydroengines.

Technical characteristics
Manufacture surface 1000x400mm
Product height 50-330mm
Machine dimensions 1.8×1.6×2.5m
Weight 1.85t
Concrete dispenser No
Operating Manual
Capacity: blocks 200x200x400mm(8″) 2.000 blocks/8h
Installed power 8kW

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