VP-4 is a mechanical vibro machine for block making, that leaves shaped elements on the concrete foundation. Concrete is transported to the machine in a classic construction cart, and the dispensing is done manually. Elements are shaped in a mold according to the vibrations of the electrovibrator attached to the mold. The machine is manually moved through the path and the elements are shaped behind it.

This type of machine is manufactured in a few more versions:
  • VP-4d machine that fits a mold for elements with height over 190mm
  • VP-5 machine that in one extraction makes 5 blocks 20x20x40
Technical characteristics
Total length of the machine [mm] 1680
Total height of the machine [mm] 1700
Total width of the machine [mm] 1400
Machine weight [kg] ~410
IInstalled power [kW] 0.37
Drive Manual
Operating Manual
Height of shaped elements [mm] 170 ÷ 200
Number of cicles/per hour 25 ÷ 32
Usable tool surface [mm] 800 x 400

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