Concrete block stationary machine VPS-3000

Concrete block and paver making stationary machine VPS-3000 LX METALIKA is a highly productive and versatile vibration press machine with latest technology vibration and control systems. Block making machine VPS-3000 LXis equipped with pallet feeder, two hoppers and dispensers for concrete, modern vibration system, automatic or semiautomatic controls and conveyor for finished concrete products.

Main features:
  • Versatile – wide product range, product height from 25-350mm
  • Mid-level productionof concrete products
  • Semiautomatic or automatic operation
  • Hoppers and feeders for face and base concrete mix
  • Stationary – single pallet
  • Pallet feeder
  • Conveyor for concrete products on wet side
  • Extra rigid machine frame structure made
  • Precise concrete product height control
  • Simple to use and maintenance
  • Vibration table with knocking bars enables precise concrete product height
  • Varioflex –synchronized, controlled vibrations for maximum product quality – Varioflex vibration system comes as standard equipment for VPS-3000
  • Tamper head brush
Optional features:
  • GT equipment for high productivity and safety (PLC and touch screen panel, high performance hydraulic power pack with two pumps, electromagnetic valves, safety sensors
  • Automatic control unitPLC and automatic program for even higher productivity and accurate cycle duplication
  • Color mixdraw plate and hopper for additional value of products
  • Modem link to Metalika technical service department
  • Cross-cleanerTamper brush
  • Draw plate – Insertion device for insulation blocks
  • Core puller device – for special products
  • Special pallet feeder with lifting – to extend pallet life
  • Electric device – to open face mix hopper
  • Agitator for concrete – device in filler box which decrease mould filling time
Product range:
  • Paving stones (pavers, slabs, tiles, interlocking and rustical pavers)
  • Curb stones (kerbs)
  • Hollow blocks
  • Solid blocks
  • Retaining wall elements and similar concrete products
  • Chimney blocks
  • Other small concrete precast products
Technical data:
VPS-3000  LX VPS-3000 LX GT/A
Production area / mould size 1000x600mm 1000x600mm
Product height for pavers and blocks 25-350mm 25-350mm
Product height for curbstones (with or without cross-cleaner brush) Up to 250 with cross-cleaner or 300mm without cc Up to 250 with cross-cleaner or 300mm without cc
Pallet size 1150x700mm 1150x700mm
Face concrete feeder Yes Yes
Base concrete feeder Yes Yes
Pallet feeder Yes Yes
Varioflex vibrations Yes Yes
Cycle time – one layer paver 20x20x6cm 23 sec 18 sec
Cycle time  – two layer paver 30 sec 25 sec
Capacity hollow blocks20x20x40cm (8’’) 5000 blocks/8h 5600 blocks/8h
Capacity two layer paver 20x20x6cm 576 m2/8h 691 m2/8h
Operation mode Semiautomatic Semi / Automatic
Power (three-phase) 50Hz 26kW 30kW
Weight 12t 12t
Dimensions LWH (without control cabinet) 10×3,2×3,8m 10×3,2×3,8m

* The performance data is based on the 8h production and does not consider an efficiency factor. The performance is dependent on the machine settings,mix designs, aggregates used as well as on other environmental conditions.

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